Dr. Krishna Nandan Prasad

On behalf of Govt. engineering college of Banka it is my pleasure to welcome you on the campus. This Institute has been known for its values for more than four years and we strive hard to keep up the ethos. In case we have inadvertently slipped somewhere I offer my sincere apologies. It provides an optimum mix of theory and practical with strong bias on industrial applications. In more recent years introduction of modern infrastructure has further improved the programme. While the depth of training in engineering subjects is unquestioned the span of our curriculum is often overlooked. By virtue of their unrattled spirits the GEC BANKA graduates have aspiration to learn and grow across departmental boundaries and excel in extra curricular activities. You will be provided each and every necessary resource for your recruitment process on our campus. I am sure our students will deliver with due diligence. Looking forward to your enduring and continuing relationship and support for the Institute.