Dr. Shabbiruddin, Principal GEC Banka

Government Engineering College (GEC), Banka is an Engineering Institution established under 7 Nishchay Bihar Yojna, Govt. of Bihar. At GEC, we are committed to ensure holistic development of our students. The world has become a global village and it is incumbent on us to broaden the horizon of our students and make them a constructive global citizen. We also aspire to inculcate all qualities which are essential to make our students contribute effectively to the advancement of the society.

Our endeavor is to achieve eminence in the field of quality technical education and research through our inquisitive students. We ignite the minds of our students to question the status quo and quench their thirst for learning by continuously acquiring knowledge. Our dedicated team of faculty members are committed to provide wholesome education to meet the intellectual aspirations of students and equip them with techno-managerial skills that will enable them to take their assigned role in the industry as thorough professionals.

The institute has state-of-the-art infrastructure and an environment conducive to meet academic, extra-curricular and co-curricular aspirations of the students to enable them to be industry ready once they graduate from the institute.

I am confident that the graduates nourished by us, shall perform the best on technological, social, and economical front.

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